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European University

The University is a repeated winner of the International Open Rating of Popularity and Quality «Zolota Fortuna», the laureate of the competitions «100 best enterprises of Ukraine» and « The best education institution of the new generation», was awarded the gold medal «Independence of Ukraine», became a prize-winner of the 7th All-Ukraine competition on quality and «Golden Trade Mark — 2002»

Professor, Rector of European University, Head of the Association of Non-state educational establishments of Ukraine

"Retaining its old traditions to esteem knowledge and science, Ukraine must occupy a worthy place in the international educational space"

I. Tymoshenko

European University

European University is one of the first private higher education institutions in Ukraine. Founded in 1991 the University meets the demand for specialists of the world-recognized level. The University has up-to-date classroom premises, complete material resources tor academic and research activities. The University has introduced the system of continuous education which includes: a nyrsery school plus primary school, gymnasia «Euroland» (high school), «The Applicant» Centre, Business College, University, Masters program, Post-graduate and Doctoral programs.

The graduates of European University obtain the Diploma of the state format and the Diploma of European University (degrees: Bachelor, Specialist, Master)

The departments of European University

  • Finance and Banking
  • Economics
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Mathematical disciplines
  • Informatics and Computer Equipment
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Law
  • Business Security
  • Documentation Process and Information-and -Analytical Activity
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Practical Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Languages
  • Physical Training
  • Health Care Management
  • Ecology

Faculty of Economics and Management


  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Economics of Enterprise
  • Marketing
  • Management of Organization
  • Management of Foreign Economic Activity

Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies


  • Intelligent Systems of Decision-Making
  • Software of Automated Systems
  • Information Control Systems and Technologies (specialization: Computer design)

Documentation Process and Information Activity

Faculty of Law and Business Security * Jurisprudence

  • Management of Organization specializafion: Management of Security and Legal Support of Business)
  • Administrative management in the systems of information protection with the limited access.


Faculty of Professional Adaptation and Practical Entrepreneurship

The specialized unit of the University is aimed at practical preparation and psychological adaptation of the students from the 1st to the 5th years of all specialties to work in the real market conditions. It provides for: * students' practical training on the basis

  • of the University's teaching and training firm;
  • retraining, course training and upgrading
  • of the qualification level in the basic specialties;
  • practice, internship, job-placement of students;
  • complex business-training programs;
  • psychological training seminars on professional adaptation for graduates.

The integral part of the University is gymnasia "Euroland". The students of the gymnasia are provided with the best facilities for study and recreation: * intensive study of foreign languages;

  • modern computer equipment and the Internet access in the classrooms and the dormitory;
  • participation in international conferences and symposia;
  • accommodation at the hotel-style hostels;
  • twenty-four-hour medical service; - four meals a day (like in sanatoriums).


Business College The college enrolls the 9-year school graduates (duration of study — 2 years 11 months) and the secondary school graduates (duration of study — 1 year 10 months). The college graduates obtain the diploma of Junior specialist and then can continue studying in the 3"' year of the university on the chosen specialty.

«The Applicant» Center

The Center offers:

  • for the pupils of the 11th form
  • Preparatory courses
  • Course of primary economic education
  • Course of PC users
  • Courses of PA-translators.

For the pupils of the 5th to 9th forms:

  • Groups of intellectual development.


International Educutaional Preparation Center

The integral part of the University is the International Preparatory Center, which prepares international students for entering a higher school in Ukraine.

The academic year at the International Educational Preparatory Center and post-graduate department starts on 1st October.

Admission procedure for foreign citizens comprises signing of the agreement with the University in accordance with the fees fixed by Ukrainian government.

On completion of the preparatory course and passing final exams the students get the certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine giving them the right to apply to university.

The following documents are required for admission:

  1. Certificate of education with the academic records.
  2. Photocopy of passport (pages 1,2 and 11).
  3. Medical certificate.
  4. Photographs (3x4 cm).
  5. Military card or military certificate.

The services ofered for student:

A library with a large collection of scientific and methodological editions, the Internet access, publishing and printing center, cultural and educational center; a driving school, gymnasiums, a students' cafe, disco halls, Health and Recovery complex (a clinic of spinal diseases, a dentist's room), mountain-skiing base «Edelweiss», «Euroconsult» employment agency. The students are provided with accommodation at the European-style dormitory.

Formats of studies: full-time, extra-mural, distance.Candidates for extra-mural and distance studies are enrolled quarterly.

Duration of Study


  • 5 years on the basis of the complete secondary education
  • 3.5 years on the basis of incomplete and higher education
  • 1.5-2 years on the basis of complete higher education.


  • 5.5 years on the basis of the complete secondary education
  • 4.5 years on the basis of incomplete higher education
  • 1.5-2 years on the basis of complete higher education.

Tuition is chargeable, there is the possibility to study on credit.

During the period of study at the University the students have the opportunity to take military training course and obtain military officer's rank.

Welcome! The University's address: 16-V Acad. Vernadskyi Blvd., Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine www.e-u.in.ua Tel: +38 (044) 450-6490, 450-9931 Fax: +38 (044) 452-3568

Accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine level IV License AA#521214

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